Business Planning Solutions - Introduction

Whatever the business, in order for it to achieve success, owners need real focus and control on day to day activities, and this can only come from having sound business planning, and effective cash flow forecasting and management.

The Business Plan and the Cash Flow are the two most important documents in any enterprise. Together, they provide the ‘working document’ of a business, giving it a clear purpose and direction, without which it can be left vulnerable to competition, and at the mercy of changing market conditions.

The Business Plan and Cash Flow are used for numerous purposes, not just as a one-off when applying for finance from the bank.

Their primary use is as a management tool, for monitoring and comparing against actual results and performance of the business, ideally on a month-to-month basis.

The Business Plan

Projecting a vision of the business for the future

Business Planning Solutions, working alongside owners, will pull together detailed information on target markets, and potential customers of the business; identify its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats, and also those of main competitors. From this information, the unique selling points (USP) of the enterprise, can be identified, developed, and marketed to maximum benefit.

Business Planning Solutions will produce a professionally written, comprehensive Business Plan, which should provide the focus for the business, and also realistic objectives, and ‘key performance indicators’, for the next one to two years.

The Cash Flow Forecast

Cash Flow Forecasting

The Cash Flow ensures funding is available to implement the Business Plan, by projecting likely income and expenditure, month by month, over an initial twelve-month to two-year period.

It is also a great indicator for identifying where and when cash might be available to invest in say, new machinery, a marketing campaign, additional staffing, or simply as improved working capital for the company.

The Cash Flow also anticipates times where there may be shortages of cash, enabling owners to take preventative action much sooner, like delaying expenditure on costly machinery, or arranging temporary overdraft facilities with the bank.

Business Planning Solutions will produce an initial two-year Cash Flow Forecast for your business, which will be carefully synchronised with the objectives outlined in the Business Plan.

The Action Plan

With your 'working document' in place, it is then necessary to bring it to life, and this means creating your Action Plan. You will need to prioritise business objectives identified in the Business Plan, list potential clients/customers in readiness to make contact, organise staff and their roles, cost-out and arrange advertising, decide what data you have and what you need, and many other aspects.

Business Planning Solutions will be happy to help owners to put together their detailed Action Plan for the business, by drawing on many years of business experience.